We've inspired ourselves in the old games that drove our lives back then, those games that were hard enough to last for years before you could finish them. Also one of our members (Agusti) knew how to do that thing beforehand.

What it does

We've created a game about making an ipad spin with your bare hands. As if it was a pizza and then build a whole gamification around it. In the end we have an online leaderboard where players can compete between them. Also we provided good techno music and a nerve wrecking experience overall.

How we built it

Built the iOS app using swift, and the backend using a MongoDB - ExpressJS - NodeJS - Jade framework. Also a basic frontend to see the highscores from the browser.

Challenges we ran into

  • Testing was a major issue since is a difficult procedure.
  • Detecting a swirl in the ipad is not a usual motion to watch for.
  • Finding our way through many not-so-nice ideas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have created something that is fun to watch, and has a big WOW factor.

What we learned

We have improved our experience in both backend and ios app development

What's next for Mom, I dropped my Ipad

Mom, I dropped my iPad will be freely available through AWS, and we will let users sideload our app for free! We hope someone will have some fun out of it.

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