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Going into VR Jam, we knew that we wanted to really utilize the 360 degree space around you in gameplay. Also, as moving the player around is prone to cause motion sickness, we wanted to keep the player stationary during gameplay.

As lovers of sci-fi, Gibson, and virtual worlds in general, we quickly came up with the idea of a game about an AI. We did not, however, want to do the same thing as you see frequently in other media where you have an AI gone rogue. It follows a team of humans sent to destroy it where the theme explored is basically mankind versus scary, overpowering and sometimes godlike technology. No. That's been done time and time again. Instead, by combining our goals and thoughts about controls (and overall optimal VR experiences), as well as our idea to make something different with AI, we're simply letting you play as the AI.

Using nothing but gaze-input and taps on the touchpad, you (the player) must navigate the virtual world of nodes in order to prevent an outside force from reaching your mainframe. Knowing your way around the virtual world is only half the battle as you must also keep constant watch over your enemy's movement in the physical world, projected in-game as a 3D-map behind you.

In essence, the game mechanics is a glorified resource handler where you must keep watch over your own capabilities, including power and processor usage, and both your own and your enemy's objectives. Your enemy will use whatever path they can find to reach you, traveling through both their physical world and your virtual world, trying to either hack your mainframe or breach your server room.

There are three different outcomes, so try to find them all! We'll let you decide whether they're 'good' or 'bad'.

As to what we wanted to bring into the game, but couldn't before the deadline:

  • Right now there's only one 'squad' that is sent in for you. The plan was to have multiple squads cooperating, but the pathfinding for the attackers proved to be too much to write alongside everything else in the given time frame.
  • We set out to create a 15-20 minute long play session, but as per the recommendations from the Q&A's we've shortened it to 5-10 minutes (even 1½ minute if you know which nodes to grab!), and as such, we also had to skip some of the node types and abilities that we had originally planned for.

Additionally, there's still one bug to note for Note4 'Lollipop' users: Please remove the external SD card from your phone while installing the apk.

Lastly, we recommend players to stand while playing, or if seated use a swivel chair, as you'll want to be able to rotate easily while playing. We also recommend that you use headphones in order to really take in the amazing sounds that our sound designer Mikael made.

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