Molekul. It's kinda like a interest search engine where people can search for the interest and bond over a common interest. We aim to help people build communities based on their own hobbies and make new friends. We were inspired when we realised that there's lack of social media mobile apps that can help people bond based on passion.

What it does

A social platform that connects people who share the same passion and enthusiasm about any subject while allowing everyone to discover and explore new interests and topics.

Every topic forms a channel and it is up to you to polish and nurture it and let it grow.

How I built it

Built as an iPhone app on iOS platform. Adopting the concept of channels for users to subscribe and contribute to. The main emphasis is on usability and user experience. Minimalistic and material design for better aesthetics.

Challenges I ran into

Limited supports and documentations on the framework

Limited time frame

Task coordinating

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working application built within one day

A social platform that provides a solution to one of the issues everyone encounters in daily life

What I learned

Time management. How to prioritize tasks at hand and utilize time optimally

What's next for Molekul

More features More polished designs User testing Feedback and critiques gathering and analyzing

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