Knowledge is 3Dimensional. Thus far our tools for passing on this knowledge have been 2D. Slick Marker filled white boards, books, are all two dimensional knowledge transmitting tools. With this project and future iterations of it and the intelligences we attempt to bring knowledge into the third dimension.

What it does

This was a demonstration of Wolfram ChemicalData() Injected into an augmented assistant environment. This was built as part of the student showcase at Wolfram Summer School '18

How I built it

We used Watson text to speech to transform natural language into augmented 3D models that could be manipulated in AR. We used my Mira

Challenges I ran into

The Unity Link function within Wolfram language was still in beta at the time and quit functioning, _ however I was able to spawn the entire periodic table in the environment as Newton-Spheres and the frequent colors we know them by. _

The Mira Headset also came with its own set of troubles as it was/is in beta at the time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Brought the entire periodic table and a few compounds under the control of your voice in AR. -Acheived moderate confidences in speech to text element spawn, through Watson with quite a few elements given the limited data/sample-size.

What I learned

Watson is a bit pricey if you're going to have some serious numbers talking to it like its there second brain.

What's next

This is a developing project that has been lumped together into and we are going to be releasing a cross-platform waiting room which you can play around with this and a few other cool things with your friends soon.

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