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We often use email messages to communicate with different groups of people. We start new email threads every day and sometimes, it is difficult to remember all the recipients that we should include in the TO, CC or BCC fields. We spend a lot of time digging into our inbox and finding all the right people from certain groups and adding them to the email. We can easily miss someone if we do this process manually...

Our team members experience above problem almost every day, which inspired us to create the Molecula - Office 365 Add-In for Outlook. Molecula makes it easier to interact with the people and groups most important to you!

What it does

Molecula indexes all emails in your Inbox and groups all the people you communicated with using special criteria. Groups then are visualized in a form of cool bubbles, where bigger ones represent groups of people you communicated with more frequently. Want to start a new thread? Simply click a bubble, rearrange the recipients for TO, CC and BCC fields and you are done!

How we built it

The Add-In was built using new JavaScript API for Office (Outlook), modern Office UI Fabric as a framework for UI, as well as Microsoft Graph API as a way to access users’ email data. We also use Docker and Java on the server-side and host everything using Microsoft Azure.

Please, review below diagram to get a better idea about how the Molecula works and which technologies it uses: Molecula Insights Diagram

Challenges we ran into

It was tricky to setup the infrastructure and environment required for Web App using Azure AD and for Graph API. It was also difficult to debug Office add-ins on devices like iPhone and iPad. In addition, there were some challenges regarding the data visualization too. We have spent a lot of time trying to organize the bubbles in the way we wanted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All the members of our team have experience in different technologies. We are proud of the fact that we managed to efficiently stick all our knowledge together and build the product we have today in a very short period of time. We believe Molecula is useful not only for us, but for many other users of Office 365 and Outlook.

What's next for Molecula?

In the next iteration, we plan to enhance grouping algorithms and give users better ways to visualize their Inbox. We are working on a new List View screen which will allow users to see all the communication groups with the ability to set filters and order for the list.

We also plan to implement integration with Outlook groups and Groups of Contact which will help to automatically create them based on the Molecula’s clever algorithm of grouping. Stay tuned!

Who knows, maybe taking part in Hack Productivity competition we have started a new big project which will quickly grow and evolve! At least we will do our best to make it happen!

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