As a team of four biomedical engineers from Hopkins, we wanted a powerful med-tech app that would have an immediate impact in the world around us. Our vision was to benefit the largest user base in a lightweight, scale-able manner. As skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, there is an obvious need for a low-cost early detection system.

Our application is comprised of two parts: Mole Sniffer and Holy Moley.

Mole Sniffer allows the user to quickly capture a photo of a mole. Different properties are analyzed via computer vision to detect known indicators of skin cancer. If desired, the patient can anonymously upload the photo to the cloud, where a qualified healthcare professional can provide advice.

Holy Moley is the application in which a health care worker can receive images and provide comments to the user, without compromising privacy.

We applied the Google Android API so that our software could be utilized quickly and conveniently by millions of existing smartphones. We integrated Facebook's Parse to facilitate simple doctor-patient interaction without the hassle and costs of visits and paperwork.

We are most proud of the user experience, from the patient to the doctor. In addition, we are excited about the potential applications to other ailments and expanding to underdeveloped nations.

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