On a college campus, it's common for living conditions to be less than ideal, with many people living with unwanted mold in their homes. We want people to be more aware of potentially hazardous environments where mold can grow.

What it does

Detects when temperature and humidity of a location are apt for mold growth.

How we built it

We used an Arduino with a Grove-base shield to add a temperature & humidity sensor, button, and buzzer. The enclosure is the shell of a Dell pocket computer, and it's made fully portable with the use of an Adafruit powerboost. The device can be turned off with a power switch to save battery.

Challenges we ran into

Our sensor was not updating due to the addition and removal of some delay() statements, which took a while to figure out and debug. Our code also did not upload to the Arduino for a while, which took some time to troubleshoot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we have a fully running, fully portable prototype of a mold conditions detector to submit as part of our first ever Hackathon. We are proud that our program has very little bugs and that all the hardware works as expected.

What we learned

We learned teamwork skills, hardware prototyping skills, and product development skills. We also brushed up on our debugging skills.

What's next for Mold Conditions Detecter

If we were to continue development, we would look into consolidating the boards and minimizing the form factor.

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