With work-from-home and Zoom university, we're much too distracted. Meditation focuses on improving your focus on your breath, so why not apply that same principle to our work? Mokus does exactly that.

What it does

By analyzing your live camera feed, Mokus determines whether you are distracted using an ML model. Using this information, it provides nudges whenever you are distracted as a way of getting you back on track. Like with meditation, the goal is that, over time, you learn to improve your focus!

Mokus also analyzes the number of times you get distracted within a period, and uses that to suggest breaks when you most need them.

How we built it

We found a pre-trained ML model and incorporated it into our Python script, which brings all of the app's logic together.

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating the ML model into our project was quite the challenge, but that made it all the more rewarding once it worked!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually completing this within 24 hours! For our first proper hackathon, this was quite the challenge and made it very fun.

What we learned

How to actually create a ML-based project! Also, by using the pre-trained model and the author's codebase, we practiced our ability to read codebases which is an invaluable skill in collaborate CS work.

What's next for our project?

While the core functionality of our app is complete, it can of course be further improved to provide more accurate results. Additionally, certain secondary features are still left for us to implement, and we'd love to create a user-friendly GUI so that it is more accessible.

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