Inspired by local farmers markets, moko is an app that aims to promote sustainable development by minimizing CO2 emissions from food transportation and encouraging eating local and fresh produce. moko also strives to encourage discovery and support for local businesses and foster community bonding. Through moko, users can buy and sell fresh produce within their local communities.

How we built it

To bring our idea to life, our team used a variety of tools to create moko. For the frontend, Figma was used to plan and design the app flow. React Native and Android Studio were used to implement these designs and develop an interactive interface. The backend of this project was hosted on an Amazon EC2 server and it was built with node.js, SQL, S3 for image storage, and a Google Maps geocoding API.


Our biggest challenge was definitely time, as there was a lot to do and learn in only 36hrs with three people. Despite that, our team continued to push through and code as much as possible!

What's next for moko ?

In the future we want to do more research and incorporate emission data in the app and we hope to talk to local vendors about our app and work with them to improve its functionality!

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