We created MojoFlex to empower other Hubspot users and agencies with a theme that combined elegance and simplicity in an intuitive structure that is organized and easy to use

What it does

MojoFlex gives Hubspot users, marketers, and designers the opportunity to create the experience they need. Advanced users will find options to customize their site, while beginners will benefit from the intuitive structure, numerous pre-loaded content sections that require no coding, and detailed instructions that are woven into the basic fabric of MojoFlex. Our goal? Make your theme beautiful and compelling for your target audience.

How I built it

We found that websites that are designed to be beautiful usually miss the mark. That’s why we started by creating over thirty content sections first so that end users have a solid base to build with that requires no coding. Keeping the end user’s experience in mind, we organized each section before entering the design phase. An elegant website with the right content to attract the target audience is the basis for MojoFlex. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the look or compelling content, so we included both. The end result? A Clear and compelling theme that gets results for the users who implement it all.

Challenges I ran into

The largest challenge was strategizing the organization and structure of the theme inside Hubspot. We spent time upfront walking through this process so that the end result is well organized, simple, and easy to extend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that MojoFlex has the core of what is needed for a successful site, but the customizations keep each user’s result unique. Everything is clearly named, nested, and organized. The CSS is easy to adjust for those who choose to do so, and variables exist for all large structural items. Finally, we took an additional step to add comments and tooltips throughout so that the end user has a clean experience when customizing everything.

The features themselves and how our team of marketers and designers have taken the theme and really made them look sharp for different clients.

What I learned

Themes in Hubspot are a powerful tool when complemented by good organization, the right features, and a robust selection of content modules to choose from.

What's next for MojoFlex

MojoFlex is an evolving product. We plan to continuously add features and modules to the theme as the need arises. Once a month, our team will host a webinar with anyone that has joined the MojoFlex family to garner feedback, troubleshoot issues, and ensure this theme continues to be cutting edge. Included will be a site that members can submit feature requests to, along with voting for those items by other community members. The team here at Mojo Media Labs has learned so much through the creation of this content and we are excited to continue improving it through the input of users in the MojoFlex community.

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