Visiting the 3D MoJira Museum:

With the Forge Jira board: Use subdomain = ecosystem and key = FRGE as your access to Enter the Museum. If you want to see new paintings, you can use the virtual phone inside the game to scan the painting you want to replace. Try swatting the open bugs with mouse clicks! You can also add new issues to and see them live in the game!

With your own Jira board: Add to have read access to the Jira issues. Alternatively, allow anonymous access to view and search for issues in a project: See the spectacular art from the Jira issue panel by installing our custom Jira app!


What if, as you are working through all the issues in building software, you could be transported into a new virtual world, where each issue is a visible contribution to a cathedral — something monumental?

What if navigating issues in Jira could feel like a beautiful, artistic, and creative experience — an experience that gives you a fresh take on tasks, bugs and other issues to solve?

What it does

Each issue in Jira becomes a portal to a museum metaverse, a 3D gallery of masterpieces auto-magically generated by state-of-the-art AI.

We allow you to view and generate art for any Jira issue. Each museum-quality painting is generated from text in the bug, task, or any other issue.

After installing the app, click the "MoJira Art" button to start the portal. Never before has text-based work become so visually appealing!

From the Jira issue panel for your app, see the inspirational painting for that issue. And if you need a break, click "Enter the Museum" to get transported into our 3D cathedral-like browser-based metaverse museum.

This beautiful virtual cathedral becomes the setting for a gamified experience. Navigate the museum from your desktop browser, and admire the AI-generated issue paintings (or change them). And also the bugs. Be curious about not just the art, but the real-world tasks and bugs that inspired them!

Recently-closed bugs become Golden Bug Trophies with issue summary and credits shown on the plaque. (Slay bugs. Make that your name!)

Open, stale bugs become virtual bugs you can kill.

How we built it

As developers new to the Atlassian platform, we started with the Forge tutorials, and then quickly built a Jira app using one of our test Jira instances.

We use Stable Diffusion 1.5 to create museum-quality paintings from Jira issues (tasks), from a random selection of the most famous artists you’ve seen in museums around the world.

Realistic 3D AAA Game Graphics in browser and physically-based rendering via Unity WebGL. We are indie even though this might look AAA browser - our "art team" was made possible by publicly available assets from the Unity Asset Store, CGTrader, Sketchfab, etc.

Our MoJira API includes functions that use the Jira Query Language (JQL) to access the summary, description, assignee, reporter, priority, status, issue type, and number of votes (likes) for an issue.

We created utility scripts (Python and Javascript) to allow us to experiment with additional ways to access Atlassian SaaS data.

We integrated Bitbucket with our test Jira instance. By doing so, we can see the Bitbucket commits associated with each Jira issue.

Atlassian APIs and components leveraged include /rest/api/3/search, /rest/api/3/serverInfo, api.fetch, and @forge/ui.

Challenges we ran into

We had to think through various aspects of the user experience within a short window of time.

We submitted feedback to the Forge Jira team for some development issues that we ran into: see our feedback.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To be able to deliver this experience before the hackathon deadline.

What we learned

We learned about the Atlassian developer platform, integrating with Atlassian data from a gaming experience, and more.

What's next for MoJira: Museum of Jira

  • Modularity, multiverse of madness, mayhem and more - interconnected JIRAs etc

  • Collect feedback on our project!

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