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The Problem

Growing up in a house with more than 5 kids can sometimes be so hard! In some households, the distribution and expenses for particular things aren't split up evenly. For example, gas! The vehicle can be used by all members of the family yet the division of gas money is often lopsided...We've got a solution for you.


While combining data from mojios rest api with a fully developed cockroachdb backend api on Azure, and react with python's flask, we came up with a viable solution! Not only will analyzing the gas used, trips made/gas burned ratio, popular driving routes, and other statistics be used to our advantage, but dividing up a bill for gas will also be easy as pi and only one of many futures to come.

Some Challenges we faced

  • Setting up Azure
  • Designing the database
  • Utilizing Mojios REST API
  • React Problems
  • Design

Built With

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