Bitmojis are very popular nowadays, and adding animations give a higher connection visually between people.

What it does

This web application intends for you to create an avatar and have the ability to send messages to one another. You can choose actions that the avatar will simulate and interact with the other person's avatar in the message.

How we built it

We implemented the website structure in Visual Code using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. We worked on the avatar animations using Inkscape and Adobe After Effects.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into an issue of time! Animation is a long and tedious task that took a lot of time. We also realized how much went into creating a messaging application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our concept and how we were able to break down the project into what we needed to do, even if we didn't complete everything we had hoped.

What we learned

We learned to manage our time better by distributing tasks throughout the time allotted instead of waiting for each other to finish our respective parts.

What's next for Moji Messenger

We would like to continue implementing this messaging app for actual use. We would also like to continue adding more actions and personalized features for the avatars.

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