I wanted to learn how to build a chatbot, but my local IDE and environments weren't working so I decided to work on a project on Colab. I came across a chatbot tutorial for Colab, and decided to follow/learn it.

What it does

MovieBot is a chatbot but only replies to you with movie phrases

How I built it

Made with help from a tutorial, Google Colab, Flask, Spacy, Python, and SimpleNeighbors

Challenges I ran into

Understanding the theory and math behind semantic similarity and reading the documentation to use updated versions of code

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing my first AI project and understanding the theory behind semantic similarity

What I learned

The theory behind chatbots, NLP, word and sentence vectors, cleaning/arranging data, etc.

What's next for MoiveBot

Moviebot is fundamentally a chatbot. If we train the chatbot with customer service data, support data, etc. you automate customer support for your business. Making an API for you to add the chatbot onto your website would also be great.

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