The Challenge:

Lawns suck… a lot of water. More than half of all water usage in residential homes is outdoors. How can we get more Californians excited about replacing their lawns with a smarter alternative?

The Solution:

We’ve invented a product and a brand to help kick-start a new tech-based social movement that inspires people to move away from water-sucking ornamental lawns.

The Invention:

DewGood is an atmospheric water condenser and irrigation device that’s disguised as an elegant solar yard lamp. Combined with DewGood’s Moisture Gardening movement, which replaces grass with drought-tolerant native plants, this product will be the first step in changing the way people look at their yards.

DewGood Prototype:

Yeah, it really works.

To prove that the DewGood idea is viable, we built a functioning prototype with a 3D printer. This prototype is the simplest possible rendition of the proposed product.

Our vision is to build and market a gorgeously designed version of this technology that is incredibly efficient, compact and solar-powered.

The DewGood Smart Phone App

By connecting our products with our users on a digital level, we’ll create more opportunity to remind the user about the true purpose hidden in DewGood’s beautiful ornaments: water conservation and awareness. We’ll also make our devices even more efficient using the phone to track weather patterns and adjust settings automatically.

The DewGood App connects you to your eco-friendly yard – and allows you to post sharable content on social networks.

DewGood Moisture Gardening Approach:

DewGood, in all its communications, will promote a new tech-based alternative to ornamental grass lawn.

1) Your lawn sucks… so get rid of it. DewGood will connect you to resources to assist you in removing the turf from your yard. DewGood will promote the LA DWP California Friendly Landscape Incentive to help you get involved.

2) Add drought-tolerant California native plants. DewGood will provide fun, easy-to-implement advice on how to reinvent your garden with unthirsty succulents, flowers and plants.

3) Keep your drought-tolerant plants healthy with “sustainably generated water” that you produce “off-the-grid” (and off your water bill) with your DewGood Moisture Gardening technology.

DewGood is more than just a cool product, it’s a movement.

DewGood tech will help create a new hobby (and obsession) that people can get into – and connect with a new community that exists on social networks and their neighborhood.

Similar to the DYI movements like craft beer-making, hot rod building, Etsy craft-making and even artisian pickle making, the appeal of Moisture Gardening is that people can feel like they’re doing something special and find joy in the creative process of helping to build a bold new eco-friendly tech-forward movement.

They no longer have a boring lawn. They can now be Moisture Gardeners and DewGood Pioneers.

Partnership Ideas:

Hope Gardens Landscaping: Their clients have already made their lawns drought resistant. Let’s make them influencers and offer our product to some of their clients.

Home Depot: Not only can we offer workshops on how to DIY, but HD is both a resource for parts and a potential partner to produce kits.

TreePeople: DewGood will be a perfect fit for their Green City Workshop Series.

Built With

  • 3d-printer
  • division-of-agricultural-resources
  • lapalitas-plant-database
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