Mohionote is a web application for visualising and navigating your Evernote content.

After signing in with your Evernote account, you are presented with an interactive graph visualization of your default notebook. The visualization displays your notebook, individual notes, tags, as well as resources such as images in a mindmap-like display. A user is able to interactively explore this display by clicking on any of the visual entities.

The user interface consists of the following components:

  • The main screen displays the interactive graph. The different entities (notebook, note, tag, resource) are displayed using different icons. The “tag” icon uses a light grey circle in the background with its size representing the frequency of usage.

  • Clicking on a note in the visual display will show the contents of that note in the floating preview panel at the top left corner.

  • Similarly, clicking on an attachment (resource) will open it directly in a new browser tab.

  • At the bottom left corner displays a panel of all existing notebooks and tags. Switch between a list of notebooks and tags by clicking on the respective buttons. Click to generate a new graph and centre the visualisation on the selected notebook/tag.

  • Search functionality can be accessed through the search button at the top right corner. The search results are also shown using the visual graph display.

Mohionote is an early prototype – further features and visual displays are under development.

Mohionote is powered by Mohio, and developed by the Mohio team at The University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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