Inspiration: Employer reviews give relevant information about a prospective company’s culture, which can be an integral decision-making factor in job searching. However, the current five-star rating system on popular review platforms, such as Indeed, that give an overview of employer reviews reveals very minimal and often misleading insight into this relevant information. Our idea aims to resolve the ambiguity of these review systems.

Idea: To aid prospective employees by generating a more accurate review of company culture through sentiment analysis of employer reviews from popular review platforms such as Indeed

What we built: Final product: website We used nlp to analyze reviews from sites such as indeed to produce a summary of created most repeated relevant words, top three company values identified by nlp and a sentiment analysis. Users can type in the company name in the website we created and see the results.

Challenges: Making the API work, statistical model, integrating the front end and backend, general website presentation code roadblock

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