The next challenge of this sanitary crisis will be how to prevent countries from a second epidemic wave. It has been noticed that the COVID-19 remains active on certain materials' surface for quite a long time. Therefore, avoid touching contaminated surfaces several times a day will reduce the risk of spreading of this virus. The challenge is to help people for their daily interactions with doors and buttons with a RINO that can be used like a swiss-knife, a multitasks hands-free tool. Lots of people want to avoid the contact with doors, lift' buttons, bin, etc... The tool will be made out of aluminium with a copper plating to ensure no bacteria and virus will survive on it. An additional protection is implemented in order to avoid external contact after the use. We have in one hand the metal version which is manufactured (with copper plating) and can be sold, and in the other hand a 3D-printable file for a simple and fast production at home.

What it does

  • Give a secure feeling to people
  • Useful in various amount of situation
  • Simple enough to be on the keychain
  • Self-sanitizing
  • Cheap and simple to produce
  • Situations: opening all kind of doors, interaction with buttons, lifts, transport, cross-road button, etc...

How we built it

  • Designed RINO
  • Produced all technical drawings of catia as wall as ready to print files (on GitHub link below)
  • Wrote a small explicative cartoon
  • Composed a video add for RINO
  • Also produced a DIY UV-C sanitizer manual to disinfect daily objects at home

Challenges we ran into

  • Design a simple and efficient tool that can be used in various among of situations while keeping his user safe
  • Find the best self-sanitizing coat
  • Create a protection to avoid contact while in the pockets and further contaminations

First we needed to define all dangerous interaction where a tool can be used. We focused ourself on opening doors and pushing buttons since there are the most common. Designing the tool was a serious challenge, it needs to be easy to use, highly carriable and especially safe ! We decided that it had to fit in a pocket and started to make a lot of prototype and free drawing. To guarrentee the safety, we choosed to add a coating.
The coating has to be reliable, easy to carry out and not overpriced. We were interested by silver but we couldn't make it efficient enough to get rid of a protection cover. therefore Copper coating turned out to be a better solution. Another challenge was then adressed. Designing a cover that's easy to remove and still effective, that doesn't make the tool more complex. We forced ourself to make a cover that can be removed with one hand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Simple design
  • Accessible for everyone
  • Nice video

What we learned

  • Group home-working
  • To take a challenge
  • Rework ideas
  • Make a good presentation
  • Making a whole project from scratch in 72 hours.

What's next for RINO

  • 3D prototyping of RINO

Additional features

  • In order to easily disinfect daily objects like keychains, smartphones, and so on. We designed a DIY UV-C sanitizer. The manual can be found as a pdf file.


Built With

  • biology
  • cad
  • material
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