While discovering a vaccine is pivotal in ending the pandemic, the return to normalcy depends solely on the distribution of the vaccine. Countries are about to take on the largest ever mass-immunization program in history. Supply chains, and more specifically cold chains will form the backbone of this ambitious vaccine distribution plan. However, most countries are severely under-prepared. India for one, has an inefficient vaccine supply chain, and hence purchasing vaccines that require extremely cold temperatures is not economically viable. A system that calculates the optimum vials that different districts should receive is key to improving efficiency. Also, the lack of a system that allows citizens to register for the vaccine takes away the ability to document citizens who have received the vaccine. Such a system must be put in place.

What it does

Our solution is a modular system that addresses all the challenges of the existing system, while being fully capable of integrating with it. We have six main modules: An efficient AI-enhanced supply chain. User portal to allow citizens to apply for vaccination. A remote temperature manager for warehouses. Track API which allows third parties to check whether or not an individual has received the vaccine. An AI based algorithm to determine optimum distribution numbers for each district. Research and statistics.

How we built it

Having worked on projects together earlier, the team was comfortable with ionic react integrated with a node js backend and postgresql database. We built three separate app modules for the major actors of the system.

Challenges we ran into

Building an AI for the supply chain proved to be tricky, as we had to implement graphs and trees, along with the Google Maps API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At every step, the development of the app modules was perfectly coordinated among all four team members. This led to us completing all major app modules ahead of time. Building the AI algorithm from scratch is something we're extremely proud of.

What we learned

All of us furthered our skills in application development, and we understood the importance of having a good team.

What's next for Modular Supply Chain System

We plan to upscale the app to a national level, and cooperate with the government to facilitate the distribution of the vaccine. We also plan to write a research paper on the AI algorithm that we developed.

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