College can be a rush and staying organized can be difficult. This is why our product helps college students who wish to make their lives easier while being more organized for classes. Our desk organizer syncs with your schedule to help you ensure that you have the right materials you need to get through your day.


It is a device that helps you keep track of the materials you need for the day and organize the contents of your desk. It would come in a variety of sizes, heights, and compartment numbers as a fully customizable product.


We started by brainstorming a purpose for our product and eventually landed on an organization tool for college students. We decided to work with a cylindrical design to maximize desk space usage. We started out by figuring out how the design would fit together and work. Next, we based our design on what parts we had available to us and made CAD models for the panels and gussets. We decided to make it out of laser-cut plywood for a natural aesthetic and quick production. For the software aspect, Javascript was used so that the Arduino could operate in real-time, and the remaining operations were coded using the Arduino IDE.


Our main challenge was coming up with an idea. We looked for inspiration in a variety of topics from global issues to everyday life improvement to sustainability. Coming up with a product that not only had a specific purpose but was also still simple enough to build with what we had available was a struggle. Another issue we ran into was regarding the software as we didn't know how to send information to the Arduino Uno via Javascript.


The one and only accomplishment that we are proud of is the fact that we made a fully built working prototype of our product.


The main lesson we learned is that one of the hardest aspects of product development is coming up with a feasible yet original idea. However, once our purpose was clear, we were able to collaborate to design and produce a functioning prototype.

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