Modsecure was inspired by Find my Friends, an Apple app that shows the location of your friends on a map. This makes it easy to connect at anytime since you have access to contextual information about your friends and don't have to ask them where they are.

What it does

Signing up for modsecure gives you a landing page with a static url that can be easily shared with anyone. Users do not input their personal data, instead choosing a pseudo-anonymous alias to identify themselves.

How we built it

Hacked overnight

Challenges we ran into

deployment challenges, parts of the site buggy

Accomplishments that we're proud of

getting the site up and online at a custom domain! go to to check it out

What we learned

How to build a social network!

What's next for modsecure

Modsecure is an app that we will actually be using in our daily lives. By using it, we will learn what features will help take it to the next level. We hope to get as many users on the app as we can to get their feedback.

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