Inspiration provided an extraordinary wealth of information regarding its client cities - detailed financial and social data on hundreds of cities and countries across the country presented beautifully by OpenGov. As a citizen, however, I am very much interested in how the spending of my local government is put to use in improving the social scene of my local community and those around me, and would love to explore how budget allocations of cities around me have contributed to the dynamics of the social scenes. Hence - my projects, which allows users to compare the budgets of cities in a single, intuitive view, and see a graphical representation of how those budgets have affected their social metric.

How it Works

The view is powered by d3.js and a heavily modified version of Datamaps to provide beautiful, data-driven graphics without the hassle of plug-ins.

The Future

Data regarding cities are aptly represented in the project at the moment - however, I am very excited to see how the aggregation of data within a county could stack up against a county's financial and social metrics! Further, projects on using NLP to automatically process budget categories and drawing correlations between budget allocation strategies and demographic changes are in the pipes!

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