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I'm getting pretty excited for this weekend! It'll be great to see old friends and make new friends!
1) We have found a continuous rotation servo with a position output that looks like it will work. We're bringing hall effect sensors and a capacitance sensor board as back up. 2) We have some inexpensive LCDs that we hope we can run in parallel. A small proto board test with a few seemed to work. That said, it might require some tricky coding to individually write graphical images to 12 LCDs. Oh, and a 12 position wire harness. Ugh. 3) We are planning to have a Raspberry PI act as master controller and Internet interface. We're not sure about the rest of the hardware but are bringing enough PIs, Teensies, and various Arduinos, we should be able to make something work! 4) We'll have a web sub-system, a Pi sub-system driving the displays and sound and a servo sub-system. 5) We're trying to de-risk the hardware prior to Saturday so we can focus on building the software for each sub-system and then have enough time to integrate. Getting everything talking nice is always an issue and from prior events, system integration is key.

Note: I'll apologize in advance for the 40 times you'll hear "This is a duck! Quack Quack Quack"

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