I am inspired by a website name Daraz. This is an incredible online market. A lot of people in Pakistan are using it. That's why I have created my own e-commerce website.

What it does

People can come to this website to buy different products. People will get a receipt after buying a product.

Headline You can create a demo account to try this website. You can try to buy MOTO G POWER. You can add Coupon

"NEWBIE" to buy it for free to check the functionality. You can add this coupon on both the cart and checkout page.

How we built it

I built it using WordPress. I am using the hosting of Microsoft Azure and also bought the domain from Azure.

Challenges we ran into

The most important and difficult part in making this website to make it functional and adding interactivity to it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am happy to tell you that after a lot of struggle. I have made it.

What's next for Modern Ecommerce Website

I am going to add more products and also start a campaign on social media to target the people.

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