Mental health is a crisis among Asian American students. Over 25% of Asian American college students reported that they had seriously considered suicide, and 62.9% reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. On top of that, Asian Americans are three times less likely to seek professional mental health support compared to their white counterparts.

Asian American students face significant barriers to treatment, including cultural stigma, family pressure, and lack of culturally competent professional support. College campuses often have few non-white counselors, which isolates students at critical time, since 75% of mental illnesses appear in adolescence through early 20's.

COVID-19 is worsening mental health in Asian American students, with data from the Census Bureau showed that anxiety and depression rose sevenfold during the pandemic among Asian Americans, much of it due to racial discrimination.

To address the gap in culturally competent mental health specialists for Asian Americans, I created Modem Care, the first virtual assistant designed to train non-Asian mental health specialists in Asian cultural competence and responsiveness.

What it does

Using language sentiment analysis, the chatbot walks the user through numerous scenarios with Asian American students speaking about challenges that are causing them stress and anxiety. The chatbot then evaluates the response that the user gives and provides a more in depth, nuanced response that gives the user more insight into what factors are driving the stress and mental health challenges of their clients.

How I built it

I used the Google Dialogflow API from Google Cloud.

What's next for Modem Care

Modem Care is a project of Modem, the first holistic wellness digital media company for Asian Americans. One of our goals at Modem is the address the need for more culturally responsive mental health care for Asian Americans, and we believe that Modem Care is our first step in doing so.

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