Mode - nwHacks 2023




  1. cd into mode/frontend
  2. yarn
  3. yarn start
  4. You are good to go!


To build an economically, and environmentally competent solution to combat the growing industry of fast fashion.

What it does

Mode serves as a marketplace for users around the world to upload their 2nd-hand clothes, minimizing the accumulation of clothes-related waste and increasing the longevity of garment pieces. To perserve the exclusivity of owning the clothes, we rely on Verbwire to mint the clothes uploaded by a user and store them in their own digital wallets.

How we built it

Low Fi to Mid Fi to High Fi, async building backend and frontend with a final merge and a lot of challenging issues and learning moments.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Accessing Verbwire API
  2. Deployment for Backend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get it up and working through the unforseen obstacles.

What we learned

Even when you've done something countless times, when it goes wrong it can still be very costly. Never be complacent.

What's next

Polishing the web app, deploying it more securely, and adding & polishing the features.

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