Going for the Best Freshman Hack or Socially Useful Hack


Don't know what mods to take, not many seniors to ask

What it does

Moddo recommends modules for your next semester based on the modules you have taken. It finds a senior's record in the database who is the closest match to you and suggests their combination.

How I built it

I used Shiny which relies on R, and several packages I found on the web. I also used Google Sheets as a "cloud database"

Challenges I ran into

Trying to webscrap twitter based on the user's input modules, uploading it on a server because my free server ran out of free hours for the month when I was testing. I did not manage to finish it on time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My first ever project

What I learned

Find a team to work with and learn from

What's next for Moddo

Deployment Webscraping A forum for students to discuss about modules

Built With

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