The designer and developer handoff can be overwhelming. You have email exchanges, various project management tools, and a lot can be lost. This plugin was made for designers to link and / or upload hi fidelity mockups, flows, and designs directly to Jira issue tickets. Developers can access files and retrieve their needed assets, flows, and CSS.

What it does

Whether you have a link or a file, this plugin should support them all, without having to install a plugin for each design tool. This tool is made to be an all-in-one design link/upload tool for Jira.

How we built it

This plugin was made with ReactJS and Atlassian Connect together for a fast, lightweight, and a fully Jira integrated app. Our first step was to connect URLs from design services and save them into Jira storage entity either by retrieving useful data through API or simply linking with some information. The next step was to be able to edit and remove the attachments, and once the CRUD functionality was complete, extra features were needed to make the app more useful such as an upload feature and linking a user/owner to the attachment.

Challenges we ran into

API keys aren’t easy to come by, so we had to make do with our limited resources to support the many design services in any way we can.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The plugin is a fully robust app that supports notification, upload, API communication, and storage to retain useful data.

What we learned

We learned how easy it was to create a plugin for Jira to make our work environment more comfortable. The ability to create a plugin with ReactJS gave us the ability to hit the ground running. Also, the documentation to create a Connect plugin was very thorough and easy to follow making the plugin development a breeze.

What's next for Mockup Design Integration

There are many features we wish we could implement if we had more time such as an assets portion to include more files, urls, or other for each attachment. We are also still waiting for API keys to fully integrate the design services better with our plugin.

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