The world need more fake news

What it does

Step 1: Generate a lot of fake mock shots inspired by real mock shots (could also be other things, like cats, dogs, and cows)
Step 2: Make a pretty webpage where people can guess whether an image is real or fake
Step 3: Charge them every time they guess wrong
Step 4: Wait a bit???
Step 5: Profit!!!

How we built it

  • We gather a lot of images from various websites
  • We trained some GANs (in Google Cloud)
  • We made a "pretty" website" (with a cool name)

Challenges we ran into

Generative adversarial networks are quite adverse!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Neural networks are really not that magical

What's next for MockOrNot

Earn a lot of money and buy more GPU's so we become better at tricking people (guessing wrong)

Built With

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