As we were using social media, we realized that so many people used the platform to talk about the places they've been. We also realized that whether that place was a park, a restaurant, a movie theater, or a tourist attraction, a social media post was the most authentic way that people could get information about a place. That's why we decided to visualize with Mockingbird.

What it does

Mockingbird is a web application that shows you posts that people have posted near points of interest near you, so that you can gain an organic, authentic, sense of how people feel about the place.

How we built it

Mockingbird uses your location and the Google Maps API to find points of interest near you. It also the correlates the data with Tweets using the Twitter API that fall around the points of interest. We use a node.js backend to make requests to the twitter api, and sockets to deliver the information to the html.

Challenges we ran into

Since this is our team's first hackathon, and since our team was only composed of two people, there was a lot to learn. We spent 3 hours of our time at the beginning of the hackathon without an idea, which could have been put to much better use actually coding. Also, while we were coding, we ran into a bunch of error that we had no experience debugging, and we had to solve the problems ourselves.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishment we're the most proud of is that we were able to learn more in this hackathon than we would normally be able to learn ourselves in weeks, or even months. We were able understand the world of purely doing, and how difficult making an application really is.

What we learned

We learned about how to put a project together, how to code with APIs, and a bunch of applications for different programming languages and frameworks.

What's next for Mockingbird

The next step for Mockingbird would be to go mobile.

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