Payment is always one most active domain at Internet era.   
    Payment is the essential function for E-commerce/Retail online. 

What it does

     The demo site is to show the pay feature enabled with  Web Payments SDK ( Javascript ) and  Square Payment API (Java).

How we built it

     Web Front is created with React, imported Square Web Payment SDK ( Card).
     There is back-end API service works as middle service to 
     delegate payment request to Square Payment API end. It was  built with Spring Boot. 

Challenges we ran into

     The Square Web Payment SDK is provided as Javascript source. 
     The Web Front need imported into the React Component, 
     and implement the responding action between React Component and 
         the “Card Component”  instantiated from the SDK. 

Accomplishments that we're proud of

      The front Web is created and responding to the use actions 
              upon Redux asynchronous event action.    

What we learned

       Card widget created from the Square SDK  has token initialized for payment request. 
        However,  there is sill needs a unique conversation id for order payment, 
                which can prevent duplication payment for the same order. 

What's next for Mochup

       Create React Widget wrapping the "Square card component"  SDK library. 
        Customer oriented  usage is required to associate customer with each order.
        Back-end API processing shall be asynchronous, 
                   and need data repository to store order , payment transaction. 

Built With

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