Inspiration - We went through several abstract and off the wall ideas from the beginning. Not much time was spent hacking the physical aspects of the cooler itself other than spitballing ideas of what could work with regard to a strong understanding of physics, making/inventing and a variety of currently available methodologies, technologies, hardware, and software.

What it does - Uses the recently implemented Twilio SMS API into CCE salesforce and field service management efforts in improving communications with technicians and extends its functional reach and use to the distributor and consumer levels via an appropriately, culturally aware marketing strategy. A strategy that involves, and takes advantage of, ongoing research and analysis of advances in our understanding of human behavior on an individual and social level with regard to choice and incentive; population data on a local, national, and global scale taking into account statistical data from research into the purchasing habits of various classes of society with regard to mobile devices and consumer goods; and a thoughtful, brand based, customer-centric approach to the relevant cultural marketing strategy which allows for a low-cost, scale-able, and flexible solution to the issue presented.

## How we built it - By connecting a variety of seemingly unconnected figures and statistics from previous knowledge. We determined the common denominators extending across all the coolers and ran through all perceived solutions until we arrived at one that could endure a "worst case scenario" testing measure.

#How does it work? - Uses Twilio's SMS software to market and track customer and distributor interaction with the product through a cross-platform, cross-network medium used ubiquitously throughout all relevant markets by incentivizing behavior based on location based cultural info.

# What does it measure? - Near real-time transactional, preferential, brand-level data.

Does the retailer/bottler/distributor have to do anything different to make your solution work? (if yes, please explain) - yes - establish open, on-going communication with service technicians on an as to be determined basis via a technology already understood and established.

What materials does your solution require? - Twilio's SMS software and mobile phones.

Best guess on cost to implement - less than one cent per customer/distributor.

Challenges we ran into - The initial challenge came from viewing the problem from only a singular perspective: that of tangible, hard facts. After mentally testing several different, abstract solutions centered around changing the makeup of the cooler and/or its contents; we arrived at the only remaining common denominator: humans. After that, the only solution available after several more mental simulations (based on documented scientific research regarding subconscious human behavior and the impact of social media) centered around how to incentivize the proper community sustaining behavior based on an understanding of the culturally relevant information particular to each point of sale location.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Using technology to better connect humans and allow for more pleasant interactions in everyday life.

What we learned - Technology, when used creatively, can bring about positively impactful social change.

What's next for Project SMS 80 - Not much really. Dinner, maybe.

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