Using web, smart phone, call center and SMS/Email we try to improve the healthcare for patients. We have limited no of doctors in India and their availability is kind of unknown until we make multiple calls to figure out. MocDoc makes doctors and hospitals discoverable and instantly appointments schedulable. Our patient records integrated with Mobile phone, doctors can treat patients with learning from previous history. We feel we have impacted cross root of the people and healthcare. Every time visiting a doctor is fraught up with huge wait time. MocDoc using doctors honors the appointment and helps the patients to avoid waiting in their clinic. MocDoc provides facility for clinic to give access to patient records and thus helps patient to visit or share with other doctors in a secure way.

MocDoc goes further by offering Clinic Management and Hospital management as completely integrated suite of services which helps ease to handle various process in the healthcare industry.

Using cloud to enable doctors to see the patients health data anywhere and streamline their busy schedule property thus saving both their and patients time and provide better care as their previous visit history is accessible now. We have template based patient visit record capturing with 9 different templates for 9 different specialities like General Medicine, Dental, Therapy, Eye, Pet/Vet etc -- which helps each specialty to capture vitals and visit inputs differently specific to their practice. We have accomplished this with extensive research and working with different physicians. Doctors are discoverable through Search engine through MocDoc Clinic Profiles and Doctor profiles. We not only save doctors time with streamlined public calendar but also patients who seeks their appointment. With patient records accessible online, it can be used to for second opinion or consulting with speciality doctors.

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