Inspiration: We previously worked on a project that expedited the process to diagnose and quantify Parkinson's Disease. This time, we decided to target Alzheimer's Disease.

What it does: People will go through several tests based on the MOCA test.

How we built it: We used Unity3D to create an environment that allows us to record live movement and reactions to different tasks.

Challenges we ran into: It was difficult to get the software for the leap motion to work. We decided to forego that route.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We spent 2 years working on Parkinson's Disease and we were able to make great progress on Alzheimer's Disease in only 2 days!

What we learned: We learned how to operate on large scale experiments through the newly updated steam vr controls.

What's next for MOCA: We would like to expand the project to have doctors and researchers discuss the benefits of vr in the medical field.

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