It came out of desperation, as we had basically no ideas. We eventually decided, almost sarcastically, to use the Möbius strip, since aCcOrDiNg To tHe InTeRnEt, it is a symbol for unity.

What it does

In our project, the player finds itself on a maze on a Möbius strip. Go play and try it out!

How we built it

Despite facing many challenges, we succeeded in building our project. Our project was coded on Replit using Python, with the libraries Turtle and Numpy.

Challenges we ran into

This Hackathon has been quite a new experience; beforehand, our team has seldom participated in hackathons. We were pressured by the short time control to do our project, and had to solve many problems such as how to flip the array correctly and how to display a good interface.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I guess what we feel most proud of is simply that we got it done, and stuffed as many easter eggs in as we could!

What we learned

Our collaboration has been improved, and we also learned some cool python skills.

What's next for Möbius Maze

Maybe more easter eggs, if you have suggestions, go to here Perhaps we could also give the player the custom ability to choose the Möbius strip’s dimensions. Even more, we could create a Klein Bottle maze that would be similar but more difficult than this project.

Note: To try our game, go to the demo link, OR actually have a live demo, but make sure you have a replit account and click FORK, and play in your own fork, otherwise it will not work for some reason. Don’t press q or e in the game under any circumstances ever.

P.S. Make sure to include this in all your python coding projects:


Also, in the video I forgot to show you what pressing e does, so you will find out for yourself.

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