Mobility was designed for those with spinal injuries and other disabilities. Generally those who receive spinal injuries or have spinal disabilities still retain the ability to move their neck and head.

What it does

We use sensors attached to Arduinos to track head and foot movement. These Arduinos were then connected through bluetooth to our computer where the the head Arduino acted as a pointer and the foot Arduino acted as a clicker.

How we built it

Our project consisted of two parts hardware and software. Our hardware sends the signals to the computer and the software needs to seamlessly handle those signals and convert them to mouse movements and clicks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we're the most proud about is our ability to make the mouse controls act smoothly and that we were able to wirelessly connect our Arduinos to our computer through bluetooth. We are also very proud of how compact our design

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble getting the bluetooth connectivity and especially making our mouse movements smooth. We had issues using NodeJs for our UI.

What we learned

Bluetooth connections using Arduinos with sensors are hard.

What's next for Mobility

Try to make it even more compact than it already is. Better bluetooth connectivity. A nice starting application that users can use to calibrate the sensors.

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