The Corona virus killed the elderly and vulnerable. Most live in extra-urban areas and it’s time to give them the mobility they need without sharing the virus risk. There are more than 1 million people living in extra-urban areas of Europe who are no longer free to move safely around. To address their needs and support the recovery of the public transport companies, that reduced by 95% their passenger traffic, we developed Mobility 2 Consumer, a new integrated mobility service enabled by SOAP, an optimization tool. SOAP is the orchestrator: it processes the orders, scans for available options, identifies the most efficient and safest option, defines the trip details and sends the missions to the drivers of the public transport company or its partners, addressing both passenger mobility and goods delivery. It also analyzes and predicts future mobility demand. Mobility 2 Consumer is not just another matching platform. We are researchers and innovators joined with a transport company that directly delivers mobility services, checks out personnel, sanitizes vehicles daily and provides anti-virus masks on board every trip. This is how we are going to help in protecting 1 million people travelling in extra-urban areas throughout Europe.

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