The problem of family homelessness and the difficulty of establishing financial and job prevalent for homeless families who need a basis for uprooting their educational and job prospects

What it does

The project regards cataloging recycled items, such as rubber, plastic, and other "trash" and applying the idea of using "another man's treasure" into composing mobile complexes that can be assembled and made from processed double steamed recycled items.

How we built it

We decided to create a catalog of recycled items in order to apply which material can be incorporated into the mobile complexes for the homeless population which we decided to divide into three widespread categories: (S) Single, (P) Parents, and (D) Disabled.

Challenges we ran into

A slight challenge we ran into involved using an arbitrary set of three data points to assign to each complex given at an affordable exchange.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The class object was able to run well with categorizing which recycled items can be used to support a larger and sturdier mobile complex that can depend on the range of inhabitants, from a single person to a 2 person fit of a single parent in need of living quarters for their child.

What we learned

We learned of how the process of recycling can be effective in providing resources to be melted down and refined into a hardy base structure that can be assigned to a country's population in need of protection from harsh weather conditions or unsafe environments

What's next for MobileShelter

We aspire to contribute to a secure basis of these recyclable items and cooperate with nearby recycling centers in order to initiate a campaign for safer, eco-friendly shelters that can suit a more stable living quarters. This should be a unique alternative to a homeless shelter with a quota of days for each person who must sign in without prospects of secure living or dangerous conditions in nature, such as inclement weather, that can obstruct health and residential status.

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