The inspiration for this project comes from the need to support the community during this crisis and manage the potential shopping panic, where consumers can easily find goods they need. If the situation gets worse, it would be nice for people to find what they are looking for by easily using this app.

What it does

The app informs and alerts people when a certain item becomes available, it predicts when the item will be ready in good quantity, allowing people to obtain it promptly. It should eventually reduce the amount of time people have to spend moving around and therefore limit the scope for cross-infection. Displays the number of people on the queue. It updates on a daily basis.

How I built it

Using React Native I created the app that communicates with a Node Rest API. The app has 4 tabs one is the Home tab, that lists three sections.

Tab 1 - Find


Safer travel by reducing the journey time Reduce the chances of cross-infection by travelling less Easily find out if the place we wan that have the goods you require within your location

Tab 2 - Alert


Easily add the store where you found missing goods while saving your anonymity. Data is saved to the database that is then used by other users in your community. It helps you locate the store that you are in.

Tab 3 - Stores


Find the stores that are close to you by typing keywords for example vegan or market or fish The map will show you which stores are near to you.

Challenges I ran into

Learning React Native understanding how it works fixing issues to make the app work in different devices.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learnt something new in the last two weeks but also if it is used could help a lot of people in the community.

What I learned

React Native and how to use it to make Native apps

What's next for MobileCovideshopper

Kepp learning and making it better.

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