We wanted to create a fast-paced mobile game perfect for those dorm gatherings.

What it does

Players enter the arena as spheres, and try to knock other players off the arena to claim the master candy! Powerups such as goo make it difficult for your enemies to play, while health packs and speed boosts will aid you in your endeavor.

How I built it

Using GameMaker Studio in collaboration with Android Studio (native development), we created the game and an amazingly interactive Wii-U esque controller for the mobile phone. Graphical assets were designed using Aseprite, Piskell, and GIMP, while the music was composed from scratch in MuseScore.

Challenges I ran into

Initially getting socket communication to work was troublesome, especially since GameMaker's end-of-line termination characters didn't sync up to Java's, leading us to transfer bytes instead of pretty strings.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have an average of 2 years of game development experience among us, and 1 year of native Android development experience. Creating an entire game from all the graphical assets, to music, to integrating an innovative Android controller proved to be momentously challenging tasks.

What I learned

Game development involves a TON of aspects. Agile development methodology is extremely amazing.

What's next for mobileArena

iOS or Web support (not just Android controller). Adding in a campaign mode where the user can earn certain upgrades. Internet Multiplayer.

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