TwentyAt enables any NYC merchant to instantly have a great mobile presence, so residents and tourists alike can quickly and easily find, eat, buy, and engage. No app? No sweat… TwentyAt brings your business’s message and content directly into the text of users chat and messaging with their friends (the single most impactful place it could be).

We re-did “mobile search” so it’s more like the way you do it: by getting rid of the search box and integrating directly into conversations. Just put an @ after any word (i.e., let’s get pizza@) for an intelligent + relevant result customized for you, your location, your social graph, and much more. All the action takes place directly in the message thread, with results immediately available. Now you’re searching with friends!

When a friend tells us about something, we generally do it! When search@ meets chat, the outcome is the same - seamless local discovery, amplification of your content and 1-to-1 engagement possibilities - all unavailable before.

What else? Users trigger searches themselves, so TwentyAt is 100% non-invasive until users wanna know! And once your business is invited to join a conversation, it’s with all the context necessary to provide relevant smart responses, instantly.

Within a few days we put together a fun product just for BigApps to demo just how quick and easy it is to work with TwentyAt. In our video “A day’s life,” we integrated:

  • (1) NYC Restaurant Inspection Results combined with deals from (2) 8 Coupons.
  • Quick access to (3) New York Times “Most Popular” articles and brands such as (4) Levi’s to demo our very unique use-cases that go beyond restaurants. Madison Ave will love the possibilities with TwentyAt.

Search@ will soon be available on any group messaging app (we offer an API for mobile search). Our approach is already changing the future of social-local-mobile search (really, why build a $100,000+ app when you can simply integrate search@ responses?)

So, who are we? A diverse team of 9 full time employees based in NYC (founded and operated in NYC’s Chelsea district). Our CEO & Founder spent 3.5-years as a Staff Analyst with the City of New York’s HRA, and is especially proud of our participation in this program. Our team thanks NYC BigApps sponsors and administrators for making this challenge and collaboration possible.

Welcome to Search@.

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