When I get to a Lightrail station sometimes the train arrives at the same time. I don't have enough time for using the RFID reader to check-in. Additionally, the clipper card is one of the many plastic cards in your wallet. The option to use any smartphone in addition to the plastic clipper card is needed. This "mobile clipper card" is tracking proof of fares (single ride, monthly and eco passes), and also allows to pay for tickets and passes electronically via phone.

In addition, riders need an incentive for riding public transportation, and this app provides that. By providing local coupons when they arrive at their destination and rewarding them for the miles they travel on public transportation along with "VTA validation" from local businesses ridership will increase.

VTA, the City of San Jose and businesses need to negotiate a "VTA validation program". Then the application also allows local businesses to refund VTA users a portion of their fare. This will benefit the public transportation users, bring VTA an increased number of riders and reduces car traffic and parking problems.

This app also tracks how many miles a user travels with the clipper card along with tracking when riders get on and off public transportation. This aids in analyzing information to better plan public transportation.

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