What can be done with leftover plastic products?

Using an electric Kiln it melts plastic and using a water filter separates the plastics into reusable oil

The Blest company out of Japan http://www.blest.co.jp developed the device I am adapting solar panels to it in order for it to be powered in a variety of locations.

Legal and tax restrictions importing such a device into the United states.

The privilege to introduce such a device to a wide audience of scientific and Earth friendly enthusiasts.

Much of the landfill wastes and plastics that choke our oceans could be reclaimed and returned into usable oil!

What's next for Mobile plastic reclamation station.

After securing legal guidance and financial support (hopefully) a traveling road show of these devices could be taken to schools and the technology adapted for a wide variety of uses.

Built With

  • tokyo-based-engineering
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