What it does

QR codes will be placed on parking meters in Birmingham to create unique identifiers for the meters. People can scan the QR code and pay for the parking spot on their phone. If you're in class and need to pay, you can pay in the app.

How I built it

Mobile Meter is a hybrid mobile app built using Ionic for the front-end and Firebase Cloud Firestore for the database. The app is not currently hosted.

Challenges I ran into

The QR scanner was causing errors. The team member that worked on this had no previous experience using Ionic.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app is well planned, having login and sign in pages. Pages for payments, viewing profile info, and viewing and paying tickets are modeled and planned.

What I learned

Knowing the language before hand is ideal for creating an app in twelve hours.

What's next for Mobile Meter

Fixing the QR scanner, which will take more time. We plan to complete the app and have a working version of it that can scan QR codes, add payment methods and vehicles, and fixing the user interface.

Built With

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