Inspired by pleasant appeal to nostalgia by music in video games such as Pokemon or Maplestory, Mobile Melody is a webapp aiming to replicate the experience in real life. As a hybrid of music player and alarm, Mobile Melody designates specific background music (BGM) to strongly-themed areas in our community, ranging from historic sites and neighborhoods to entertainment centers.

What it does

Mimicking the transition of BGM upon approaching specific maps in traditional video games, Mobile Melody starts unique tunes dedicated to specified area when user approaches. For instance, the webapp will start playing special BGM upon users’ entry into Mont Royal. Additionally, the music differs by the time of day. In short, our product blends geolocation, music, and some gamification for an increasingly unique and memorable experience of the community around one.

How I built it

Flask for backend operations. OG-API to create a functional music player. Webflow to create fast static HTML/CSS based prototype. Javascript for further frontend functionalities.

Challenges I ran into

Our team did not have much experience with Flask and it was the first time we ever worked with musical API. Application of time and geolocation on music selection was also quite a challenge.

What's next for Mobile Melody

Open market for musicians and local governmental institutions to cooperate for regional promotion Reinforce lost significance of historical facilities. Develop ‘spot’ specific playlist Weather correlation Expansion to devices such as GPS Blend with other interactive technologies

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