It’s easy to forget when to take your medication especially in the bustling and dynamic planet we live today 🌍 As a result, we wanted to make a medicine reminder but we wanted it to be a more fun and enjoyable experience for the users so we decided to add a messaging function too! 😊

What it does

Mobile Medicine is an Application that automatically connects users on the platform through phone calls when it's time for a user to drink their medicine. ☎️ This serves to remind people to take their medicine on time and at regular intervals. ⏰ Other features of the App include, a "happy face" function where users can click on it to view visually pleasing photos to, hopefully, stimulate positive emotions. 😁 Users can also message other users after calls if it went successful. 💬

How we built it

We used android studio to build the app, Figma to wire frame the project outline, Firebase(Google Cloud product) to store credentials of users. We planned to use Twilio api to send alerts to users and for chat.

Challenges we ran into

1️⃣Timezones made it difficult to coordinate 2️⃣Integrating for chat became difficult too

Accomplishments that we're proud of

🏆 Collaborating our skills onto one (Nishi and Te worked on Android Studio and code while Gabbie worked on the Figma)

What we learned

📚How to authenticate and more about Android Development 📚Integrating APIs using socket and Firebase

What's next for Mobile Medicine

🎯Create the chat function functional for use 🎯The App can also take user's birthday where it can be celebrated by others

Built With

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