MOBIT grew from a problem that all marketers and small business owners face today: The singular desire for their marketing messages to be heard above their competitors. We all know that a greater audience for your content and sales message, translates to more leads and ultimately more business - plain and simple, that's what we set out to deliver with MOBIT.

In today's world of technological marvels, it is an understandable paradox that we find it harder and harder to be heard above the 'marketing noise' and sheer volume of content. Email - Social - SMS - Offline content, the challenge is the same, how can our content reach more places, across more channels and devices so our messages can be heard. How do we generate more leads win more sales and grow our business in a cost effective way?

MOBIT is the worlds first mobile engagement platform for small business that solves this problem and works in harmony with Infusionsoft and other marketing platforms to help you grow your lists but above all, have your messaging and communications heard above the noise and where your audience is listening.

With MOBIT you can now engage your audience on social channels - email - SMS - and offline with personalized content, lead capture forms and automated followup sequences based on user interaction with your content.

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