Recent catastrophic events, like the Haiti earthquake or the Ebola outbreak, cause stress on the families of those affected, as well as emergency responders who must use legacy record-keeping systems that prevent them from operating effectively.

  • Managing reliable post-mortem information for identifying human remains often overwhelms local resources and capacity
  • Respect for the dead and for religious and cultural beliefs promotes survivor resilience and mental health
  • Rapid, uninformed dead body management results in permanent loss of post-mortem information leading to:
    • Continued trauma for survivors
    • Legal complications for families
    • Social and political unrest, dissent and conflict

What it does

The M3C app has three parts: a mobile app for emergency responders in the field, a web interface for management of data by administrators in a central office, and a backend to unite them.
The mobile app allows body recovery teams to submit data collected in the field to a centralized database. They collect the data recommended by the Red Cross in Management of Dead Bodies after Disasters: A Field Manual for First Responders, including location, demographic information, and photographs.
The web app currently allows an administrator to log in and view the data that has been submitted to the database by the first responders, with plans for future development.

How we built it

The mobile app is built using the Ionic Framework with AngularJS and Cordova. The web app is built with AngularJS. The backend for both is written in Node.js and uses MongoDB for data storage.

Challenges we ran into

  • This was our first hackathon!
  • Deciding between meteor and homemade MEAN stack (and changing partway through)
  • Finding the right map API to play nice with Angular
  • Trying to use a server with 500 MB of RAM
  • There was a blizzard outside so we didn't get to take showers
  • We haven't slept in a very long time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • There are three separate pieces to this project (mobile app, web app, backend) that all (mostly) work!
  • The map knows where to find you (not in Africa)!
  • We did a good job of managing tasks and contributing as a team
  • We survived our very first hackathon, even though our guru got snowed out and we worked in a smaller team
  • We haven't slept in a very long time

What we learned

  • We figured out how the internet works
  • We learned a lot about web development, especially front end frameworks
  • Omar is a wizard
  • We should go to sleep

What's next for Mobile Management for Mass Casualties

The web app will be expanded to allow families affected by a mass casualty event to log in and submit details about their missing loved ones, and then be notified if an administrator finds a potential match. We will also build out the mapping functionality of the mobile app, and continue to refine the UX.

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