Often times when we get injured, we have to wait until we get to the hospital for a doctor to check our vitals and take the next appropriate action that could save our lives. Some accidents are time sensitive which could be life or death. So, we developed a completely mobile and wireless system that enables doctors to access your vitals from anywhere in the world in real-time and provide assistance remotely. The system will match you with the right specialist based on the type of incident. For example: A Neurologist can check the EEG readings of a patient immediately after a concussion or a seizure.

What it does

We equip EMTs with a kit and a mobile app. The kit is comprised of a wireless device that can record EEG and ECG.

The mobile app experience has three steps:

  • EMTs can log an incident report from the app.
  • The incident is broadcast to all available doctors with a specialty in the category of the incident. E.g. a Neurologist for a concussion incident.
  • Available doctors get the physiological data in real-time from the wireless headset. They are able to provide instant remote assistance back to the EMTs.

How we built it

The Mobile EMT Kit

  • Muse - a mobile EEG device
  • Additional handmade ECG electrode
  • Wireless hotspot

The Mobile App

  • React application + BetterDoctor API
  • Exocortex - a mobile health platform

Challenges we ran into

  • Hardware/Cloud connectivity
  • Integration with EEG wearable
  • Ensuring end-to-end security and encryption of bio-data streams
  • Integration with BetterDoctor API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We made an app that gives anybody the ability to page a remote doctor and vitals in real-time so they can get the best guidance in a life or death emergency.

What we learned

  • Distributed systems are awesome
  • Security is hard
  • Mobile health has amazing potential

What's next for Mobile EEG

  • Add more wearables. E.g. EMG devices
  • Go in the field to shadow real EMTs and tailor the experience to their needs.

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