Teachers spend precious instructional time at the beginning of each class to record attendance. In certain cases, instructors become so busy that they forget to take classroom attendance. We wanted to create a program that could save these precious minutes and automatically take student attendance.

What it does

Mobile Attendance Tracker uses GPS from students' cellphones to locate students and record attendance ensuring they are in their correct class without teacher input. The Tracker also constantly updates its database of student positions, therefore preventing premature student exits.

How I built it

We utilized the Google Maps API for their expertise in location determining accuracy. The API allows us to measure the latitude and longitude of the phone, which could be used to determine whether or not the phone is within the range of the classroom.

Challenges I ran into

Many times have we confronted with various errors in location accuracy, application crashes, and development environment issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our ability to push through the learning curve of real time applications and bring our creation despite the short time we had. We knew that the new software was going to be a challenge and we were able to complete our goals.

What I learned

We've learned much about the structure of android apps, databases, and IOT APIs.

What's next for Mobile Attendance Tracker

Next, we will create software to allow us to input coordinates of classrooms with ease.

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